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The 2018
Home Tour
June 2 & 3


Our 2018 Sponsors!

Gold Sponsors
The City sponsors the Eco-Solar Tour as part of their Change for Climate.
Change for Climate

3 Leafs Homes.
3 Leafs Homes

Silver Sponsors
A De Waal home is a home for life.
De Waal Developments

Landmark Homes.
Landmark Homes

Always there, anywhere

Habitat-Studio built the first net zero homes in Edmonton and has been part of the Eco-Solar tour for 15 years.
Habitat Studio

Net Zero Developments
Net Zero Developments


Bronze Sponsors
Rosecrest has been building energy efficient homes in Edmonton for over 30 years.
Rosecrest Homes

Skyfire has installed some of the largest and most complex photovoltaic systems in Western Canada.
Skyfire Energy

Your Power, Our Future.
Effect Homes

Your Power, Our Future.
Solar Society of Alberta

Your Power, Our Future.
Energy Efficiency Alberta

Thanks to UCE for meeting and storage space.
Unitarian Church of Edm

Thanks to Sunridge for performing the Energuide assessments.
Sunridge Residential

The tour is closed for this year. The site sheets from the 2018 tour will be left on this page until January or Februrary of 2019 when the 2019 tour information is available. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Pictures of the 2018 Tour

2 June 2018
Noon to 4:30pm

3 June 2018
Noon to 4:30 pm

Site 1 1 Cameron Heights NZER Home

Details of Site #1

This large NZER home is designed for aging in place with an elevator to maintain access.

Site 10 12 Frazer NZE Home

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #12

We just missed getting this home onto last year's tour but this year it is complete. A larger NZE home with a great view and a Tesla car and charging station.
Site 2 2 Hazeldean NZE Home

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #2

This NZE home will be under construction at the time of the tour and details will be visible.

Site 13 13 Evansdale Community League

ESHT Rating: SC
Details of Site #13

Last year's Solar Family Fun Day was great so we are doing it again this year. An electric car show, displays, and events for the kids. Don't forget to see their 26 kW solar array! See the Video
Site 3 3 Shipping Container Garden Suite

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #3

This garden suite show home is made from shipping containers.
Site 14 14
This site was withdrawn as it will not be available in time for this year's tour.
Site 4 4 McQueen NZE Home

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #4

This home was under construction last year and will be nearly finished this year. The design has now been upgraded to NZE.
Site 15 15 Highlands Solar Home

ESHT Rating: SC
Details of Site #15

Adding solar to an existing home can sometimes be a challenge. This homeowner put some of his new solar modules on a north facing roof. Come and see how these north facing modules are producing electricity better than expected.
Site 5 5 NZE Apartments and Church

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #5

This apartment complex was designed to house large immigrant families and has resulted in keeping the local school open. All 16 apartments and the church are NZE.
See the Video
Site 16 16 Strathearn NZE Home

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #16

We love people who come on our tour and are inspired to build their own efficient homes. Come and see the NZE home that these homeowners were inspired to build.
Site 6 6 Westmount NZE Garage Suite

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #6

A bicycle extravaganza! Last year's popular bicycle event returns with experts on all things cycling. That, and an NZE garage suite. See the Video
Site 17 17 McKernan Solar Home

ESHT Rating: SC
Details of Site #17

These musician homeowners have just completed rennovations on a older home in McKernan that included a new garage (and studio) with a large solar array.
Site 7 7 Prince Charles NZE Triplex

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #7

Affordable NZE homes in this triplex. Was under construction last year, come and see the finished result.
Site 18 18 Belgravia Solar Church

ESHT Rating: SC
Details of Site #18

This church has always had a perfect roof for solar. This year they filled the roof with as much solar as their site could handle (27 kW) and took advantage of the Alberta Energy Efficiency rebates.
Site 8 8 Carlisle Solar Church

ESHT Rating: SC
Details of Site #8

The celebration of the new 15 kW solar system will include the annual garage and re-use sale and information on the upcoming "Splash Canyon" vacation bible school for the kids.
Site 19 19 Windermere CHP Home

ESHT Rating: CHP
Details of Site #19

A micro combined heat and power unit (mCHP) is a gas-fired generator that produces electricity while it heats the home. Come and see how this home has added both mCHP and solar together.

Site 9 9 Beacon Heights NZE Office

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #9

This solar installer has rennovated a neighborhood corner store with upgraded insulation and solar. See the permculture garden and hear about the garden program with the local school.
Site 20 20 Langdale NZE Home

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #20

These homeowners were inspired by our tour to build an NZE home which we showed last year. Come and see their plans for a suburban garden that will provide healthy food for their family.
Site 10 10 Bonnie Doon CHP Office

ESHT Rating: EIH
Details of Site #10

Off the electric grid in the City! This small office building will use solar, batteries, and a CHP unit to generate all their own power on site. See it under construction this year.
Site 21 21 Keswick NZE Home

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #21

This NZE show home shows how factory-assembled framing can reduce construction waste, improve performance, and speed construction. Getting to NZE in a new home is now as easy as selecting it as an upgrade.
See the Video
Site 11 11 Morinville EE Home

Open Early at 10am

Details of Site #11

This builder has developed a new, highly-insulated, building block. Come out and see the efficient home they have built with this interesting new construction technique.

Site 22 22 Graydon NZE Home

ESHT Rating: NZE
Details of Site #22

This show home is demonstrating the upgrade package that takes this home all the way to NZE. See details of the upgrade package in a beautifully presented show home.
See the Video