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Lethbridge Home Tour Pictures 2022

This page has pictures of the 2022 Lethbridge home tour. There are 5 pictures per home.
Scroll down to see the pictures from each home. It may take a moment for pictures to load.
For more details and pics of the homes go to the Lethbridge page and view the site sheets.

We also encourage you to view our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.



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Site 1 Lethbridge County NZE Home

1a Lovely NZE estate home with 3 electric cars.
1b A friendly greeter!
1c Vaulted ceiling in the living room area with an office on the upper deck.
1d Kitchen and dining room.
1e This home is heated with a geothermal heat pump which draws its heat from under this pond.

Site 2 Coalhurst NZE Home

2a This NZE home was one of the first in the province.
2b Kitchen on the main level.
2c Looking the other way to the dining room and living room.
2d Rec room in the basement.
2e Beautiful back patio.

Site 3 The Crossings NZE Home 1

3a They added solar just days before the tour to go from NZR to NZE. Also showing their electric car.
3b Front yard is a rain garden that absorbs rain runoff.
3c Large open living and kitchen area.
3d Super-insulated 12" thick walls mean that heating can be done with inexpensive baseboard heaters.
3e Good example of passive solar, note the shading design of the windows at this summer solstice.

Site 4 The Crossings NZE Home 2

4a A NZE home with a dramatic wall of solar modules. We had a volunteer bring their electric car to show.
4b Main living and dining room is on the floor above ground level.
4c Lovely deck on the third level with a view over the sports fields.
4d Also added a garage suite to add an income property to the home.
4e Unusual access to the garage from the back street.

Site 5 Riverstone NZE Home

5a Newly constructed NZE home in South West Lethbridge.
5b Living room on the upper level.
5c Kitchen and dining room.
5d Open plan living space with large windows to the south and east.
5e Solar on the roof of the house and garage to get to NZE. Note awning to provide shade for south windows.