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Calgary Home Tour Pictures 2022

This page has pictures of the 2022 Calgary home tour. There are five pictures per home.
Scroll down to see the pictures from each home. It may take a moment for pictures to load.
For more details and pics of the homes go to the Calgary page and view the site sheets.

We also encourage you to view our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.



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Site 1 Airdrie NNZ Home

1a This new home was pretty efficient but the homeowners are working to make it even better.
1b The owner drives a lot and their electric car is paying for itself in gas savings.
1c The homeowner explaining the economics of the electric car and the upgrades to the home.
1d The living area.
1e The back yard and deck.

Site 2 Balzac Wind Turbine Home

2a This acreage home has a wind turbine that you can just see over top of the garage.
2b The home also has solar photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors.
2c This homeowner's passion is electric cars. They were also showing electric bikes.
2d The homeowner had a very interesting way of showing how electric vehicles save you money in the long term.
2e They planted 200 trees at this acreage.

Site 3 Macewan NZE Retrofit Home

3a The Macewan home is the first Canadian Homebuilders Assoc. certified NZE retrofit.
3b The outside of the home was wrapped with additional insulation.
3c An example section of the insulation used on the outside.
3d Homeowner was on hand to explain how the home was upgraded.
3e Large solar array on the garage takes this home all the way to NZE.

Site 4 Killarney Electric Vehicles

4a Go Electric Vehicle Corporation was on hand to explain electric vehicles.
4b They set up a booth to show how electric vehicles are charged.
4c A lovely electric conversion of an old VW.
4d A number of electric vehicles were available to show on tour day.
4e A couple of cars collecting a little power before heading off to the next homes.

Site 5 Queensland Solar Garage

5a This homeowner added a new garage to add solar to their home.
5b This is building-integrated solar where the solar provides the waterproofing for the roof.
5c The solar system includes an electric vehicle charger.
5d The homeowner and solar equipment providers were on hand to explain the system.
5e The homeowner was also showing his electric car.

Site 6 Rocky Ridge Solar Home

6a A new home in Rocky Ridge that features solar and an electric car.
6b Gathered in the garage to avoid the rain, there was lots of good discussion.
6c A good view of the super-insulated walls and the triple-pane windows.
6d The homeowner explaining the insulation under the floor and drain water heat recovery.
6e The home from the back yard.

Site 7 Balmoral NZE Home

7a NZE home in Balmoral designed for multi-generational family in two suites.
7b Large open-concept living spaces.
7c Solar on all the roof surfaces.
7d Passive solar features a concrete floor to absorb heat from south windows.
7e Then you need to shade the windows in summer to prevent overheating.

Site 8 Inglewood Retrofit Home

8a Retrofit of a 70-year old home in Inglewood.
8b Lovely original details inside the home.
8c There is solar on the roof but also solar on the pergola covering the deck.
8d The solar on the pergola is translucent to let some of the light come through.
8e The pergola is a nice way to increase the available area for solar.

Site 9 Southland Solar Home

9a An older home in Southland that added solar in an unusual way.
9b Another solar pergola. The translucent solar modules are called "bifacial modules."
9c The homeowner and solar installer were on hand to explain the system.
9d Details of the microinverters that convert DC electricity to 240 V AC at the modules.
9e View from the back. The pergola and deck are on top of the garage which is set into the hill.