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Edmonton Home Tour 2022

The 2022 Eco-Solar Home Tour in Edmonton is over for this year. Thanks to all the home owners and volunteers that made another successful tour possible! The addresses of the homes have been removed; however, the detailed site sheets will remain on this web page until we compile the homes of the 2023 tour sometime in February or March.

If you have additional questions about energy efficient homes then we encourage you to call our sponsors and ask them about the information that they have available on energy efficient homes. Check out of sponsor's page for more details. This year we had 14 homes sign up in the Edmonton area. We will leave the write-ups here until we get the homes for the 2023 tour set up some time around March of 2023.

Can't visit on tour day? See our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.

Edmonton Day 1
4 June 2022
Noon to 5pm
Edmonton Day 2
5 June 2022
Noon to 5pm
Site 1 1 Drayton Valley
NZE Retrofit

This home uses a new process to add straw-bale R50 insulation to an existing home. This is a comprehensive NZE retrofit.
Details of Site #1
Site 8 8 Woodhaven NZE Home
Seeing his neighbor building an NZE home inspired this homeowner to build one of his own.
Details of Site #8
Site 2 2 Keswick Solar
Large energy-efficient home with a river valley view, barrier-free design for aging in place with an elevator and a large in-law suite.
Details of Site #2
Site 9 9 Belgravia
Garden Home

With a large back yard this family opted to build their new retirement home in the garden so that they could rent out their old house.
Details of Site #9
Site 3 3 Langdale NZE
These homeowners saw NZE homes on our tour and went out and built one themselves. They now have years of data available to illustrate the performance of their home.
Details of Site #3
Site 10 10 Belgravia NZE
This family developed 4 NZE homes in the same space as their previous house providing separate spaces for multiple family members.
Details of Site #10
Site 4 4 Windermere NZR
This luxurious home features large windows facing a ravine and has been built to be 40% more efficient than a typical code-built home.
Details of Site #4
Site 11 11 Glenora NZE
Garage Suite

This garage suite demonstrates sustainable practices in design and materials and will more than offset it's energy needs.
Details of Site #11
Site 5 5 Queen Alex
NZE Retrofit

This 1949 home has been brought to NZE with the help of a ground source heat pump and a solar garage.
Details of Site #5
Site 12 12 Blatchford NZE
One of the first NZE homes to be developed in Blatchford. See how this home connects to the district heating system.
Details of Site #12
Site 6 6 Idylwylde NZE
This NZE home shows how to maximize passive solar gain and has unique features such as a wall insulation system and solar-integrated electric vehicle chargers.
Details of Site #6
Site 13 13 Cromdale
NZE Retrofit

This house was originally built in 1936 and has been significantly updated. There is also enough solar to offset all their annual usage.
Details of Site #13
Site 7 7 Sundance Deep
Energy Retrofit

The 59 townhomes in this Coop are getting a deep energy retrofit where each unit is wrapped with new insulation, windows, and doors.
Details of Site #7
Site 14 14 Highlands
NZE Retrofit

This is the first single detached home in Canada to use a Dutch prefabricated wall insulation system to get a 1950's home to NZE. It's like custom knitting an R25 sweater for an old house!
Details of Site #14