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The Eco-Solar Tour
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The Way We Green is the City's plan to preserve and sustain Edmonton's environment.
The Way We Green

Landmark's goal is to produce all Net Zero Energy homes by the end of 2015
Landmark Group

Habitat-Studio built the first net zero homes in Edmonton and has been part of the Eco-Solar tour for 15 years.
Habitat Studio

Rosecrest has been building energy efficient homes in Edmonton for over 30 years.
Rosecrest Homes

A De Waal home is a home for life.
De Waal Developments

Let Robinson help insure your energy efficient home.
Robinson Insurance Brokers

Skyfire has installed some of the largest and most complex photovoltaic systems in Western Canada.
Skyfire Energy

For those that missed it, here are pictures from this year's tour.

There are also three homes for sale that were on the tour. If you would like to view these homes with the idea of purchasing one you can make an appointment to view at these numbers:
  • Site #2; Westmount EE Home. Call Dan at 780-721-9086
  • Site #3; Magrath NZE Townhomes. Call Shawn at 780-702-3120
  • Site #10; McKernan EE Infill. Call Patti at 780-438-2500


The 15th Annual Eco-Solar Home Tour

There has never been a more compelling time to shrink our ecological footprint.
Come and see how you can take action with your own home!

2 Tour Days this year!

This year the Eco-Solar Home Tour expands to two days on the weekend of May 31st and June 1st. There are 13 homes open over two days, Saturday and Sunday, from noon until 4 pm. You will be able to soak up the first-hand experience of homeowners and other experts with a wide variety of energy and water resource-saving technologies in new construction and retrofit applications.

What will I see?

What interests you? Solar electricity or solar hot water? Making your house really energy efficient? Geothermal heating or low-water landscaping? Retrofit or new construction? The Tour will have homes that showcase some of Edmonton's best examples of energy-efficient ideas to discover how you can take steps to reduce your gas, electricity and water use, save money and lower your environmental footprint!

What's New?

This year we've noticed three new technologies that are showing up in the homes on the tour. The first is an air source heat pump that works in cold climates. Heat pumps are an efficient way to generate heat and now there is a heat pump that is less expensive to install than a ground source version (geothermal). The second new idea is also a heat pump and it is a heat pump powered hot water tank. Third is a unit called the Urban Cultivator which is a self-contained greenhouse that lets you grow small quantities of fresh food year round in your kitchen. There are a number of homes on this year's tour with one or both of these innovations. Come out and see how they work!

Isn't this just about Solar Panels?

No! Solar electric technologies are just one aspect of making a home energy efficient. The homes on our tour feature many other ideas from new lighting, water efficiency, improved insulation and windows, efficient landscaping, carbon footprint reduction ideas, and many more. Browse through the site sheets to find the ideas that most interest you.

Who should come?

Whether you are renting or buying; building or renovating; doing your research or just about to make a big decision; for a homeowner, builder, design professional, trades worker or student; the 2014 Eco-Solar Home Tour will provide you with information to make your home and lifestyle more sustainable.

Where is the tour?

Click on HOME TOUR to find details on the sites and technologies that are being featured on the 2014 Tour.

How do I get there?

Make sure you check the maps that are posted one month before the tour. Each day will have different homes to visit so plan your visit carefully. You make you own way from site to site and speak with the homeowners and technical experts. You can cycle, walk, take transit, or take your own vehicle to any of the sites. Speaking of transportation have you made plans to visit Drive the Future Expo on Jun 7th?

How Can I Support the Tour ?

We are always looking for volunteers to help on tour day or to help with the organizing from now until tour day. You could also sponsor the tour - see our sponsors page for details.

Finally you can help us by getting the word out. Get the tour listed in your community newsletter, bring it up at your association meetings, organize your scout/guide group to come and see the tour, talk about the tour at your work, whatever you can do will help us show Edmonton that energy efficiency is something that everyone can do.