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The Eco-Solar Tour


Our Sponsors!

The City sponsors the Eco-Solar Tour as part of Edmonton's energy transition.
Edm's Energy Transition

Always there, anywhere

A De Waal home is a home for life.
De Waal Developments

Habitat-Studio built the first net zero homes in Edmonton and has been part of the Eco-Solar tour for 15 years.
Habitat Studio

Celebration Homes
Celebration Homes

Skyfire has installed some of the largest and most complex photovoltaic systems in Western Canada.
Skyfire Energy

Your Power, Our Future.
Effect Homes

Rosecrest has been building energy efficient homes in Edmonton for over 30 years.
Rosecrest Homes

The House Company


Thanks to UCE for meeting and storage space.
Unitarian Church of Edm

Sponsorship Details

What does sponsorship cost?

2018 Bronze sponsorships are $550, Silver sponsorships are $1100, and Gold sponsorships are $2200. The Gold and Silver sponsorships will be listed first in all promotions followed by the basic sponsorships in the order in which they were received.

What do we get for sponsoring?

Each sponsor will have their name and company logo featured on all Eco-Solar Tour promotional materials for this year's tour. Sponsor logos will appear on the left column of our web site and on all site sheets that are prepared for the homes and buildings on the tour.

How else can we support the Tour?

We encourange all participants and sponsors to promote the tour in any way they can. We would encourage builders and businesses on the tour to include the tour in their advertisements and promotions leading up to the tour. We can provide copies of our logo to interested builders, equipment suppliers, and businesses.

We would also like to encourage you to include the Eco-Solar Tour in any associations that you belong to such as business or community organizations.

Who do I contact to Sponsor the Tour?

Contact Andrew Mills at amills(at)ecosolar(dot)ca


We would really like for you to sponsor the Eco-Solar Tours. Here are the points of participation.

  • The Ecosolar.ca web site is where all sponsors will be displayed. Sponsor displays are on the left of each web page and then again on each site sheet.

  • We prepare a write-up for each sponsor on our sponsor's page to highlight the activities that they bring to the energy efficient building industry in Edmonton.

  • At each site on the tour we prepare a binder with the site sheets for the entire tour. The site sheets all display our sponsors on the left of each page.

  • All of our efforts at promotion are aimed at bringing people to our web site so that they can see the content of the tour and see the sponsors. Some of these additional promotions include:

    • Association promotions through local green building associations and a number of other alternative energy newsletters and web sites.

    • Editorial promotion through articles to the local papers. We will do press releases to support the overall tour with articles and write-ups.

    • Strathcona Farmer's Market. We have an information booth scheduled for May the 26th the week before the tour. This was quite successful last year. Site sheets and posters featuring sponsors will be on display.

Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors!

Diamond Sponsor

The Way We Green is the City's plan to preserve and sustain Edmonton's environment. Edmonton's Energy Transition . Building green is about conserving resources during construction and throughout the operation of a building. Green buildings can contribute to the protection and restoration of biodiversity and urban agriculture and improve comfort, productivity, and livability for the people who occupy them. To encourage greener buildings, the City has developed the Green Building Plan in consultation with community, industry, City departments and sustainability experts. The plan sets out the City's expectations for green building as well as the programs that will be developed to encourage greener buildings in Edmonton. We all benefit from Green Buildings. Those who build green can improve the economy by promoting renewable energy technologies, encouraging the growth of local business and expanding the use of sustainable construction materials. Those who buy green homes or buildings can experience more comfortable indoor environments, feel good about contributing to a reduction in Edmonton's carbon footprint, and save money on their utility bills!

Silver Sponsors


 ATCO is committed to exploring new opportunities in the natural gas energy market which include innovative and sustainable solutions like Combined Heat and Power (CHP). Visit a home on the tour that showcases an energy efficient microCHP unit which uses natural gas to produce electricity and captures the heat from the electricity production for use in your home. At the same time, realizes a 50-55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. As Alberta focuses on efficient alternatives to energy delivery, so do we.

A De Waal home is a home for life.Combining elegance and efficiency. DeWaal Developments pride ourselves in engaging our clients and supporting them through the process of designing and building their dream home. We have two decades of design and construction experience in Europe and N. America. Our homes boast unparalleled value, innovative designs, custom details, client support and energy efficiency. A De Waal home is a home for life.

We build your vision.Habitat Studio is Canada's net zero energy leader. We have built 10 net zero energy houses with four more on the way. We are also currently building a net zero energy church and a 16 net zero energy townhouses. All of our houses combine attractive, original design with the highest possible energy efficiency , great indoor air quality, exceptional comfort, enhanced durability, and low maintenance. We work closely with you to create a house that responds to your needs, tastes, and budget - a house that fits you like a glove. We build your vision.

.Celebration's ongoing commitment to green building practices dates back to our first R2000 home built in 2001, and continues to this day with a broad portfolio of energy efficient homes meeting Built Green Gold and Platinum levels including a strong specialization in ICF wall systems. Celebration was a finalist in the 2016 Awards of Excellence in Housing, and was honoured to win the Mayor's Award for Universal Design in 2015. The Celebration team previously participated in the 2013 Eco Solar Tour, featuring a geothermal home on Blackmud Creek. Our team of homebuilding fanatics is ready to take on any level of design-build challenge!

Bronze Sponsors

Skyfire has installed some of the largest and most complex photovoltaic systems in Western Canada.SkyFire Energy is Western Canada's leading solar contractor having installed approximately one third of all grid tied solar in Alberta. Since 2001, SkyFire has completed grid tied solar PV systems in 7 provinces and territories, connecting to more than 20 different electric utilities. Our experience includes the design and installation of hundreds of residential systems and many of the largest and most complex commercial photovoltaic systems in Western Canada. Our staff includes Professional Engineers, Certified Photovoltaic Technicians and CSA Construction Electricians Solar PV Systems Certified.

It's about more than a house - it's about the way you choose to live.Effect Home Builders seamlessly blend energy efficiency with design excellence. After all, no one said that a green home needs to be obvious. After thorough planning and drawing on innovative solutions, you'll live in an environmentally friendly, well-designed home that you won't find anywhere else. To build refined, energy efficient homes, we position ourselves in the forefront of practical green solutions. We are constantly researching innovative practices so we can provide you with practical, forward-thinking solutions.

Rosecrest has been building energy efficient homes in Edmonton for over 30 years.Rosecrest Homes limits the number of homes it builds from 6 to 10 homes per year to maximize quality and attention to detail. All Rosecrest Homes are built under the 'Built Green Program'. Our Enermax homes have all been certified with Energuide ratings from 87 to 91, and are certified 'Built Green Platinum'. Rosecrest's designs have been recognized as 'outstanding' for large estate homes as well as modest family homes. As true custom builders, we have total flexibility to accommodate our customer's needs and wants, as long as all of our homes have some level of 'Built Green'.

.Since 1987 The House Company has designed and built very personal houses for our many clients wanting high standards in style, materials, workmanship, systems, management, transparency, and service. We have led the industry in distinctive modern infill houses in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Since 2000 we have researched and utilized energy efficiency techniques and made 85+ Energuide ratings our standard in all our projects. Of course each one is unique to suit the clients, the site, and the budget, and we continue to test new ideas and systems to improve our work and client satisfaction.

.The Eco-Solar Home Tour thanks Sustainival for providing passes to their Sustainival Carnival as draw prizes for our tour. Sustainival will be taking place on the second weekend of Environment Week on June 10 and 11 2017. Sustainival is is powered by biodiesel and solar power and features rides, games, and displays that showcase energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

We respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a partThe Eco-solar home Tour thanks the Unitarian Church of Edmonton for providing meeting and storage space. The Unitarian Church of Edmonton is a liberal religious, multi-generational congregation: We celebrate a rich mosaic of free-thinking, spiritually-questing individuals joined in common support and action. We welcome diversity, pursue the common good, and work for justice. We believe in the compassion of the individual heart, the warmth of community, and the search for meaning in our lives.